Local Moves

We have been relocating our clients from every corner of the world to Africa and from Africa to every corner of the world for over 30 years.

We are experts in the international movement of household goods and personal effects, diplomatic shipments, AID, and vehicles by air, sea and land to, from and within Africa. Several offices also have qualified staff who handle the relocation of pets.

Our clients include many diplomatic organisations and embassies, international relocation agents, charitable organisations, NGO’s, corporations including banks, mining, oil and gas companies, and private individuals.


There are many reasons for moving and each move is unique.

Relocations usually start with a survey and assessment in order to provide a quote or estimate for your move.

Dates are then set for our professional packing team to pack your belongings. Packing can take a number of days.

Worldwide Movers Africa taking boxes for delivery

Your furniture and larger items will be protected by moving blankets. These can be cleaned and re-used.

Smaller or fragile items can be wrapped and boxed. It is possible to re-use boxes for a local move as we are not meeting requirements for the import and export of goods.

The use of blankets and the re-use of boxes keeps costs and the environmental impact of your move to a minimum.

For a very local move we often use one of our smaller lorries and have teams working at both ends. This means we can pack and unpack at the same time making your move quick and efficient.

Worldwide Movers Africa transport

Your household goods will be transported in a closed vehicle to your new home.

Our teams will carefully reposition and unpack your belongings.

Debris can be removed on the day of unpacking and the team leader will ask you to sign to say your goods are received.

A modern house with items all delivered and in place


Worldwide Movers Africa is a member of: International Relocations Associations including IAM ( International Association
of Movers ) (United States), AMSA (United States), SAIMA, (South Africa) with Uganda certified by the prestigious
Féderation Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (FIDI) in Europe.

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